Shipping by sea from Indonesia

Any maximum volume and weight. Weight from 50 kg, term from 30 days.
Contact us to get a shipping cost estimate

Consolidated cargo

You can send any amount. From 50 kg and up to several containers.

Customs clearance

We clear the cargo to our legal entity and provide you with all the necessary documents.

Any weight and volume

The larger the consignment of your goods, the cheaper it costs you per kg.

Delivery terms

  1. We pick up your cargo from the seller or supplier;
  2. We prepare all documents and certificates for customs control in Indonesia and Russia;
  3. We will deliver “to the door” using railway or courier services in Russia;
  4. We provide cargo insurance at all stages of delivery;
  5. Cargo tracking throughout the route.
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Delivery time and cost

  1. The cost depends on the nature of the cargo, its price and dimensions. We accept for delivery cargoes from only 50 kg as part of a combined shipment.
  2. Pickup from your supplier takes approximately 3-5 additional days depending on your location in Indonesia.
  3. We accept any commercial cargo for transportation: furniture, building materials, equipment, spare parts, chemicals, textiles, clothing, and so on.
  4. The exact cost of sea delivery of cargo can be obtained by sending a request to the contacts below. It is advisable to attach to the request a description of the goods, its location, technical documentation, photographs, the desired delivery time, as well as the points of departure and destination of the goods.