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Furniture made from the finest hardwoods on Earth

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Custom-made wood furniture

We present you interior and decor items in eco-loft style and modern modern, created by human hands from noble tropical woods from Indonesia, Africa and Brazil, such as: suar, rosewood, teak, mahogany, ebony, ambouna, tamarind, wenge, lychee and etc.

Here you can also order designer furniture made of a unique material – petrified wood, the formation of which takes millions of years.

From time immemorial, wood has been used by people for construction, as well as interior and exterior decoration of their homes. Strength, ease of processing, beauty of texture, durability are the most important qualities of wood. But even greater value is the creation of a feeling of comfort, an atmosphere of soft warmth, peace of mind

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Exclusive author’s handmade products, made according to your order by masters from Bali, will fit into any interior and fill the space with warmth and comfort, create a special atmosphere. You can choose furniture items from our catalogs – tables, solid wood tops, armchairs, beds, chests of drawers, wardrobes and much more, or order an individual project.

Among our regular customers are hotels, banks, interior designers and individuals who want to decorate their home with luxurious examples of modern decor.

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Exotic solid wood furniture

Sculptures, carvings & art-objects

Why us?

We focus on core values ​​and customer needs

We work on individual orders.

Each stage of work is coordinated with the customer.

All members of our team have extensive experience in working with wood, selling and packaging products.

All furniture and interior items are made from solid wood or stone.

We conclude an official contract and give guarantees for all types of work.

We are official representatives of one of the best furniture manufacturer in Bali.

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Our philosophy

Traveling around the world, we got acquainted with different traditions, architecture and design, visited atmospheric places created by people for people, studied what makes their interiors so attractive and did not find a material more inspiring than wood. It has a special color, smell, texture and even history. Wood products are distinguished by sophistication and aristocracy. The tree will fill any space with warmth and comfort, endow it with a soul. The design potential of wood is huge.

Our love for wood began many years ago in Bali, when we first felt the incredible energy that natural materials carry, and then met with local craftsmen.